Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Welcome to 2020s Prophecy!

I'm your host Bill Weather, prophetic watchman annointed with many signs, dreams and visions (55+Dreams & Visions)

Here I've compiled prophecy to watch for huge events to come backed by signs dreams and visions with multiple confirmations from I and others. While we cannot call a timing to these events with any absolute certainty. there are some strong evidences  to these possible timings below, which are detailed in their links. Here also,  are verifications to the 2020 crash foretold from 2 years ago.

Click the links for greater detail.

Europe is Invaded 
(watching for 2026-2028)

The Resurrection - The coming of the Lord Jesus Christ (watching for 2028-2031).

Because the year 2031 is 2000 years from the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, this may be the timing of his coming. It might also be a mid tribulation rapture which would make the resurrection in 2028. There is evidence for both of these views, in my book, Evidence Backed End Time Prophecy